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 modules- 04:44 2.5MKernel modules
 unionfs-1.4_for_2.6.22.src.tar.gz2010-03-11 08:57 68K 
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Unionfs version 1.4 rebuild for colinux
Based on Ubuntu kernel patch from kernel 2.6.28-11

- Download unionfs14-
- Unpack this file to your kernel modules:
  gunzip < unionfs14-*.ko.gz > /lib/modules/
- Run "depmod"
- Remove Unionfs 2.x from memory:
  rmmod unionfs
- Load Unionfs 1.4
  modprobe unionfs14

You can not load Unionfs 2.x and 1.4 at same time.
To load the old module automatically at startup, you should rename the default
module "unionfs.ko" to "unionfs22.ko", and rename "unionfs14.ko" to "unionfs.ko".
Than run "depmod" again and reboot.

unionfs14-	: Module, compiled for coLinux
unionfs14-coLinux-		: Changes for coLinux (backport from 2.6.28-11 to
unionfs-1.4_for_2.6.22.src.tar.gz		: Complete source (changes included)		: Kernel rebuild (without changes, unless time stamps)
modules-		: All modules with Unionfs 2.2.3 (default) and unionfs14 1.4

External sources:
- unionfs_1.4+debian.orig.tar.gz		: Old default sources
- unionfs_1.4+debian-6.diff.gz			: Patch for Ubuntu kernel 2.6.28-11